Yucky beliefs

Professor Seligman in the book ‘Flourish’ offers a different way to understand what happens when adversity kicks in.

“First, students learn the ABC model: how beliefs (B) about an adversity (A)—and not the adversity itself—cause the consequent (C) feelings. This is a point of major insight for students: emotions don’t follow inexorably from external events but from what you think about those events, and you can actually change what you think.”

Got an adversity that you feeling yucky about?

What’s the belief about that event you currently hold?

Could you potentially reframe or dispute the current belief?

Of course you can!

Notice the adversity + catch the current belief about it and then eliminate the unfavourable belief and then add a new belief that’s more favourable.

You’ve got this.



p.s. If it helps do this with someone you trust in a safe space where you ain’t judged.

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