Your ‘work’ at hand

Mate. I’ve held a lot of jobs since the age of 15, ranging from cleaning a laundrematte, gym car parks, working in a bar, hair salon receptionist, switchboard, stacking shelves, lecturing, tutoring, facilitating, owning, and a ton more.

Why I’m saying that is not out of pride but to bring home a point.

“We work first because we have to work. Then because we want to work. Then because we love the work. Then the work simply does us. Difficult at the beginning. Inevitable at the end.”~ Stephen Cope

Right now in your ‘work’, where do you find yourself?

What would it take for you to want the work you currently have?

To love the work you currently have?

Whether it’s an actual job you have or a project…

How is this work helping grow your potential and possibilities?

With Arete,


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