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Your Weekend Ahead

On the morning of writing this I was reflecting on the weekend ahead. Not your typical fantasy about how to ‘escape’ but more how I could best utilize my time in the early am.


I love early mornings because in the context I’m situated I’m with three little kiddies whom once wake up require ‘theme park mode’ – basically meaning they need attention and nurturance sprinkled with alot of fun + engagement

Any how, back to the pondering.

The reflection was on how best to utilize the morning time.

As I started to consider all the things I could do what brought me back, grounded and focused was a reflection on similar lines to this…

“A great challenge frees you to say no to a lot of things. You might find extraordinary psychological relief in taking on the big task and leaving behind the trivial. Often we find it hard to say no to the relatively unimportant issues we face in life and in business unless we have a compelling yes—some mission to serve, some quest to undertake, some goal to meet, some legacy to leave.” (Covey).

Got it? Well I did!

When I wake up tomorrow there is a lot of tings I could do before those little rascals wake up.

Instead I’m only going to choose one. One thing that contributes towards a bigger goal.

Nuff said.



p.s. What’s something you could do? What, when, where and how?

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