Your true potential

There is some fascinating research on the impact of appraising challenges in temporary and external ways by Seligman.

Akin to this, check this out…

“A champion teaches himself the skill of turning things around inside his head,” I explained. “She learns how to look at a negative setback both as temporary, and even as an opportunity for positive change. She knows that things she can learn from her loss will make her even better, even stronger, in the long run. The Mental Warrior learns from her setbacks and doesn’t allow them to distract her from reaching her true potential.”

“So keep your self-talk positive. Keep your outlook positive. By doing so, you give yourself the best chance to perform well. Take on your inner feelings with courage and determination; never allow a bad attitude to hold you back from achieving the level of personal success that you are capable of.”


Take a moment right now.

Say something to yourself that is both encouraging and affirming.

Now ask, do you have the capacity to deal with this challenge + are you willing to?


With Arete,


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