Your own program

Through this site we often talk about potential in relation to your ongoing capacity to define, discover and develop.

Note... that at no point is there an expectation nor prescription to read some particular book or watch some training video.

Now why is that?

Cos how you tailor a program for the development of your own potential is uniquely up to you…

Check this out...

“The most successful people are lifelong learners; they constantly ask questions and never cease to explore the wonder-filled world around them. Regardless of where you are in life—whether you are fifteen or a hundred and fifteen, whether you are going through a rough patch or are thriving—create an education program for yourself.”

~ Tal Ben-Shahar

It’s that last part there.

‘create an education program for yourself.”


Think about your situation right now. If you’ve got access to wifi, or a computer and even just some books you could start selecting those areas and topics that deeply interest and perhaps inspire you and start creating your own learning schedule.

Imagine that for a day…a week…a month…a year….a decade.

Imagine the cumulative effects of that?



P.S. A big ask to put on you…yet consider this. What would your own unique program of potential look like? What would you start learning? As in what would you love to learn? There is nothing stopping you from starting now.

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