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Your own movie theatre of possibilities

Over the years I’ve read a far few books from areas such as leadership, personal development and psychology…(+1000).

One of the authors that I’ve enjoyed is Mckenna.

He’s got a nifty little technique called a highlight reel.

Here’s how it works.

You basically recall a few ‘wins’ that you have had in your life that make you feel good. Could be a past success such as for e.g. graduating, getting into a final round of something, producing something, etc.

Whatever it is, list say between 3-5 highlights and loop them on an internal movie that you see in your mind.

Can’t recall any?


Imagine 3-5 future highlights linked to your potential that you’d like to work towards.

Whether past or future.

Loop these on your own internal movie screen and imagine you sitting in a movie theatre watching yourself on screen totally rocking it on these 3-5, past or future.

See what you’d see, Feel what you’d feel and imagine that future you, here and now thinking with that level of resourcefulness.

What do you see?

Tell us.

Then, go rock something towards that picture as soon as you can.



P.s the beauty of this movie theatre is that it’s free, you can go there any time and pick any seat in the house. Plus you probably will get more out of it in the end!

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