Your own 'game'

“Always place your becoming above your current being.”

This is a line from ’12 Rules for Life’ by Professor Peterson.

I’m deliberately not going to list the 12 rules here, not because they don’t land but because of this…

Remember, being a student is not simply someone who follows. That's an old definition.

The new awesome definition of a student is an individual who ‘Defines, Discovers and Develops their own potential.’

Whether its 12 rules, one rule, ‘no rules’ or other words like code, principles or values its up to you to call it (if you want).

Here are a couple of questions for you...

What is a guiding principle or practice of potential (for you) that you currently stand by (as best as you can)?

Does it work for you?

What principle or practice of potential would, right now, be of greatest impact and inspiration for you to install?

Define, Discover and Develop your way...

More Becoming, More POTENTIAL.



p.s. To install, start small, stand tall, and if you need to ‘fall’…then... re-install. You got this.

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