Your new BFF

“You will fail. Especially in the beginning. You will fail. And that’s not just OK, it’s essential. Without resilience, the first failure is also the last—because it’s final."

Hard innit? To read that. Those lines come from author and more...Greitens.

"Those who are excellent at their work have learned to comfortably coexist with failure. The excellent fail more often than the mediocre.They begin more. They attempt more. They attack more. Mastery lives quietly atop a mountain of mistakes."

Can you learn to coexist with failure?

That is get, comfortable with trying and not always succeeding, doing with not always the result(s) you are aiming for?

For e.g. I wake up pretty early in winter or summer these days. It took alot of iterations to get here. A lot of 'failed' attempts as I developed a stronger will power to get up earlier on a consistent basis.

The story is obviously more complex than that but the thing accompanying me through that entire journey was the coexistence with so called 'failure'.

Even today when the alarm pinged it was one of those rare days where I had to summon all I had to get up off the 'mat into a standing position and move.

And you know what? That's totally okay.

You just have to take the shot...repeatedly and co-exist with your new best mate 'failure' who actually has alot to teach you.

with ARETE,


p.s. don't let your new BFF bully you. After all, you two are gonna become good mates - a two side life enhancing connection.

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