Your most important ‘work’

As I’m writing this, I’ve got a task timer next to me (one i’ve used for years).

On it are quite simply the top three micro tasks selected to get done today with presence + focus + no distractions.

There are some beautiful variations out there on how to hone your focus on what is important to you.

Check this one out from Selk and Bartow…

“To set yourself on the right track, ask yourself those two critical questions: (1) What are the three most important things I need to get done tomorrow? and (2) What is the single most important task I must get done? The questions work within your brain’s ‘channel capacity to give you direction and prioritization in manageable doses. When you start your day, you know the three most important things you need to get done by the end of the day, and you know which of those three things is the big, glow-in-the-dark priority. You’ll be amazed at how much clearer your decision-making becomes—and how much more efficiently you’ll use your time—just by taking this simple organizational step.”

Let’s repeat that for today…

What are the three most important things for you to do today?

What is the single most important task for you today?

“The key is to list important, ambitious, but realistic tasks that can reasonably be completed during the day. Small, day-to-day successes are the building blocks of achievement.”

~ Jason Selk and Tom Bartow



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