Your level of genius

I really like the take that everyone has a level of genius unique to them.

Hence I don’t buy the premise that it’s in the hands of a few.

I do though, think that to get to your own unique genius levels requires honing your craft.

Check this out…

“The secret of genius is focus. If you can laser your attention on any subject or project, it will reveal its blueprint to you. George Washington Carver discovered 325 uses for the peanut and 100 for the sweet potato! Great geniuses are powerful focusers. Many have been called eccentric or insane because they put aside worldly concerns for the sake of their music, art, architecture, drama, inventing, or writing. But they are the individuals who change the world, while those with scattered attention wade through mediocre lives. Geniuses don’t fritter their precious minds on mass trends. They create the trends that alter the masses.” (Cohen)

With Arete,


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