Your Farmlands of Potential

Relentless, driven, gritty, focused and more are all qualities we’ve heard that contribute towards fulfilling our potential.

What we hear less of and yet just as significantly important is our ability to switch off, unplug and restore.

Our ability to shift between 'game on' and 'game off' are equally important.

Check this from Seneca…

“The mind should not be kept continuously at the same pitch of concentration, but given amusing diversions. ...Our minds must relax: they will rise better and keener after a rest. Just as you must not force fertile farmland, as uninterrupted productivity will soon exhaust it, so constant effort will sap our mental vigour, while a short period of rest and relaxation will restore our powers. Unremitting effort leads to a kind of mental dullness and lethargy.”

Let the farmland of your potential grow by resting up. It does not need planting 24/7.

Restore your powers.



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