Your daily priority of potential

When I awake each day, my main personal challenge of potential is not waking up, nor getting up, nor being up and about.

My daily discipline is related to prioritizing the path of potential first and foremost.

Check this out…

“Until you accomplish your most Significant priority, everything else is a distraction.

That brings us to the critical question you have to always be asking yourself: ‘Is what I’m doing

right now the next most Significant use of my time?’

Is it the thing that is moving you toward creating the best results? Is it the thing that is moving you toward making your greatest contribution? Is it the thing that is moving you toward making the impact you want to make?

Is it the thing that is making the most of the available time that you have? Is it the thing that is enabling you at that moment to be your highest self?

If not, then it is a distraction. It is a temptation. It is a pressure. It is someone else’s priority and not your own. It could be a million things, but what it definitely is not is your priority.”

That’s why I wake up early + before the family is up, so I can rock it and then be there for them.

Your context will be different and your priority too.

What is it for you + when?



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