You willing to do that?

“In my experience, successful people shoot for the stars, put their hearts

on the line in every battle, and ultimately discover that the lessons learned from

the pursuit of excellence mean much more than theimmediate trophies and glory. ”

~ Josh Waitzkin

You willing to do that?

Put it in regardless of the trophy?

You willing to…

To give it your best shot right here and right now.

To slingshot towards your potential not as a once off event but a lifetime of experiences.

To point towards a bigger goal and give it all you got with everything you’ve learnt to this point.

To discover lessons and apply those lessons.

To become excellent intrinsically and own the external and internal wins along the way

To own your potential right now and know that it will grow as you grow.

You know you can.

Don’t’ have to be perfect.

Don’t have to land among the stars.

Just give it your best right now…

And then?

Rest up…





p.s. remember to enjoy + share the journey…your journey with all the ‘highs’ + ‘lows’ that come with it.

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