You training it?

How consistent are you with the training of your potential?

That’s quite a broad question innit!

Take that question to mean any facet of your development of future possibilities.

Might be a goal, an area of ongoing focus, a project.

How much are you training it?

“Your mind is a muscle just like your bicep. If you want your bicep to become stronger, you must complete bicep curls on a regular basis. The same is true for your mind. If you want to become mentally tough, you must complete mental workouts consistently.

Muscle deterioration begins within seventy-two hours of your last workout. Just as this is the case with your bicep, it also holds true for your brain. The goal should be to never let two days go by without some type of physical activity, nor should you go two days without completing a mental workout.” Selk and Bartlow



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