You Decide

How much do you weight consistency as within your control and how much do you put it in the hands of other people?

“The best performers are not consistently great, but they are great at being consistent. They show up every day and they do the work.” (Stulberg and Magness).

That’s a pretty heavy hitting line.

Let’s think about what that is actually saying.

There are going to be times when you hit the mark and there are going to times when you don’t.

Can you, whether the results show or not remain consistent?

Think of an area where you are consistent irrespective of whether you see results or not.

For e.g. you apply yourself to your studies consistently. You put in the work. You seek to assimilate the material and then regardless of the test or exam mark…you just get back to it. You remain consistent.

It is possible you know…to be consistent…yet it’s a personal choice.

‘Will I decide to show up today and be consistent’?

The ball is in your court. You get to decide that…always.

What does a picture of consistency look like for you...irrespective of the results.



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