You can finish

Looking to write a book or produce a meaningful piece of work or project?

Janal offers some useful tips. Although given as advice for writers seeking to finish a book, the tips here are applicable beyond the completion of a book.

Check these out from Janal…

  • Wanna feel a sense of accomplishment. Set tiny goals easy to achieve towards the bigger goal

  • Realize that writing a book or working towards a goal or project is something that within reason anyone can do

  • Avoid comparison and trust your own voice and perspective – use em!

  • There are many different writing styles – no one way – same goes for the way you rock your potential

  • Perfection is not the goal. Break pieces down and get them done. The editing or refinement can come later. You need pages or demonstrable results.

  • Gramma kick your behind? Hire an editor. A goal got you cornered? Chat to someone

  • Have an outline and try your best to apply self discipline to sticking to your plan if it is within your control. Get Gritty!

  • Remember you do have something unique to share. Dig deep to realize that.

  • Don’t like writing but have it in your head? Consider hiring someone to put it into words.

  • Don’t like writing alone? Get a writing buddy or connect with writers to share the journey with..

“Anyone can start a book. Fewer people can finish a book.” (Janal)

Got something that means alot to you + you wanna finish it? Have the courage to test out one of the suggestions above, if not more.

You can 'finish.'

with ARETE,


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