You can practice

Recently our six year old daughter declared she wanted to start a martial art.

We took a visit to some schools and then reflected together.

One of the reflections?

To get good would require practice on the regularly.

“If you demonstrate self- control one day, but not regularly, or you can persist when you want to, but not most of the time, then you will not cultivate authentic grit—instead, you are someone who is dabbling in grit. If you develop a purpose, but don’t set goals and get feedback about fulfilling your destiny, you are just another dreamer. And if you choose to give to others only when it suits you, instead of building a team of reciprocal relationships powered by generosity and altruism, you may achieve some of your goals, but you will always celebrate alone.” ~ Caroline Adams Miller

What’s an activity or area of development you could shift from dabbling into mastering?

With Arete,


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