You are the Super pilot

If you have ever been a passenger you know you can kinda unplug a bit and let the driver do their thing.

While you might be sitting or standing as the vehicle is moving along, you know for sure that the driver can’t do that.

They gotta be attentive.

When it comes to you and your potential same applies.

“The true exceptional performer is on super pilot. Every single sense, every fiber of his body is brought together in what he is doing.” Elliot.

There be plenty a times to chill and unplug, yet when it’s time for your to concentrate why not go at it completely free of distractions and super focused?

Be your own pilot, navigating every turn with the attentiveness needed to get off the ground, fly and land safely.

Imagine being really focused and concentrated.

What are you doing in that picture?

With Arete,


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