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In some areas of my potential more than a decade ago now I used to be really really hung up on achievement as a form of defining success and guess what?

Was always always chasing an external goal that once accomplished did not leave a lasting feeling and almost immediately after on to the next goal.

That’s great and all and external motivation can be very important, as too goals.

Here’ a perspective on this…

“If we live our lives by this definition of success, we are doomed to stress and misery (punctuated by brief moments of joy when we achieve a goal). So I invite you to consider a radically different definition. True success is living by your values.

This definition makes our lives ever so much easier. Why? Because in any moment, we can act on our values—yes, even if we’ve neglected them for years. Presto, instant success! ...

When living by our values becomes the definition of success, it means we can be successful right now. All we need to do is act on our values.“ (Harris)

Now what I do is have at the forefront of my mind, what I really value and seek to express that on the regular, yes through goals and other ways too.

Now more of an inside out approach than outside in.

In other words there is nothing I need to achieve in order to feel worthy.

I can choose to feel worthy and still achieve.

So can you.

There is no qualification or project or business you first need to rock in order to have a strong sense of self and self worth.

Not at all.

Sure you’ll get experience and wisdom from the journey and a level of authority and all that, but you do not need to wait till you get to some place in order to feel good about yourself.



P.s. still good to set goals or ways to grow and stretch yourself. That deliberate practice, whether you get it right or not can be some good stuff right there.

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