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Play is key

One beautiful afternoon we were on our way back from picking up new karate suits for our kids. Allwere excited and well chuffed.

After, we stopped off to grab some pizza and were waiting for it to be made.

While that was on, my three year old son wanted to wrestle.

So wrestle we did, in the pizza shop playfully.

Note that word ‘playfully’, and not fighting.

Lots of laughter and excitement involved.

Where’s the insight?

Wouldn’t it be nice if when we have experiences of ‘wrestling’ with our thoughts we had the same playful approach.

“Because you’re not investing any effort in fighting them, disputing them, or suppressing them, you can now put your energy into taking effective action. And because you’re not entangled in your thoughts, you can engage fully in whatever you’re doing.” (Russ Harris)

Because we were not fighting but rather ‘playing’ there was no dispute, or suppression involved.

Where could you channel and put your energy today in order to take effective action?



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