You are fine the way you are

I can recall given a talk to an entire school. Must have been hundreds in the audience.

In all honestly I didn’t care about the ‘size’ of the audience.

You know why?

I’d practiced being on stage so many times I was not that phased.

Does not mean I don’t get the jitters that make me wanna moon walk. Of course I do, sometimes.

But the feelings or rather my perception of the feelings have just got better over time.

I used to perceive the feeling of nerves as not being capable and that would be part of a spiral.

Now, I figure it’s just part of the deal and will pass.

I’ll throw out every trick I know before hand e.g. deep breathing, mental rehearsal, you name it…but I’ve learnt not to try and do a magic trick on my feelings.

I just trust that when I’m up I’ll know what to say…and I do.

I’m focused more on what I’m there to share I’ll be alright.

And guess what?

I have been.

No big deal really.

Practice, own, practice, own, practice, own.

You’ll always get better.

You are fine just the way you are.



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