You are a Genius

On the way to school one morning, our 3 year old son Taizhe (mandarin meaning peaceful yet powerful) started to spontaneously say:

“ I am a Guinness, I am a Guinness”!

What he was expressing in his own way was:

“ I am a Genius…I am a genius”

If you’ve read some of the previous messages you’ll see this forms part of a daily routine on the way to school.

The reason for doing this is to instill in our children the premise that being a student is more than just to ‘follow’.

It’s also the reason why a variety of different perspectives are being presented here.

In 2009 I re-defined and still stand by the defintion of a student as:

“an individual who defines, discovers and develops their own potential.”

How does this link to genius?

As Michael Gelb says:

“Your brain has a capacity for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius.”

Genius exists regardless of age, context, culture or positionality.

You might express it in your own unique way, may pronounce it as ‘guinness’! or an alternative word…yet the point that we will keep driving home that Gelb frames nicely is...

“every human is a potential genius.”

It's up to you to 'Define, Discover and Develop it' + keep doing that.



p.s. what does the word genius mean to you?

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