Wrestling + Self – Belief

We may find ourselves at times ‘wrestling’ with ourselves, doubting who we are and wondering if we got what it takes.

Check this interesting piece a research shared by Dr. Neff…

“Researchers who study motivation have consistently found that our level of self-confidence has a dramatic impact on our ability to reach our goals. Dozens of studies have confirmed that our beliefs in our own abilities—which research psychologist Albert Bandura terms “self-efficacy” beliefs—are directly related to our ability to achieve our dreams. For example, one study followed more than two hundred high school wrestlers through the course of one wrestling season. It was found that, independent of prior success at wrestling, those students who had stronger self-efficacy beliefs won more matches than those who doubted themselves. This was especially apparent in high-pressure overtime situations where the match was tied. Wrestling matches decided in overtime are “sudden death”—where the first wrestler to score wins. They are difficult because both wrestlers are exhausted, and a tie indicates an even match of physical skills. In such cases, the only factor that predicts a win is the wrestler’s mental belief in his own ability.”

What could you do on a micro level to start building your self – belief more?

Be prepared to ‘wrestle."

This one is worth the fight.



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