Worlds of Possibility

Whether at work, study or learning here is an awesome take on the mindsets we could bring to the table from Prof Newport.

"To summarize, I’ve presented two different ways people think about their working life. 

The first is the craftspersons mindset, which focuses on what you can offer the world.

The second is the passion mindset, which instead focuses on what the world can offer you...

...there’s something liberating about the craftspersons mindset: It asks you to leave behind self-centered concerns about whether your job is ‘just right,’ and instead put your head down and plug away at getting really damn good...”

'Plugging away' will lead you to what Newport calls 'adjacent possibilities'...

and the potential of

'Becoming so good they can't ignore you' (title of one of Newports books).

Gotta love that. 

Keep plugging away towards getting 'really damn good!' It leads somewhere...

With Arete,


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