Work - Rest Ratio

If someone was to review your approach to work and rest what patterns would they see?

Check this out from Stulberg and Magness…

“While the exact work-to-rest ratio depends on the demands of the job and individual

preferences, the overall theme is clear: alternating between blocks of 50 to 90 minutes of intense work and recovery breaks of 7 to 20 minutes enables people to sustain the physical, cognitive, and emotional energy required for peak performance. This ebb and flow runs counter to the all too-common constant grind of either perpetually working in an ‘in-between zone’ of moderately hard work or working at the utmost intensity nonstop. Neither of these more traditional approaches is ideal. The former leads to under-performance. The latter leads to physical, cognitive, and emotional fatigue and, eventually, burnout.”

See yourself rocking a 50 minute concentrated time block or more (up to 90 minutes). See it! Then see yourself standing up and taking a nice 7-20 minube break. See it! Then see yourself return for another work cycle and repeat. Well done. You’ve just mentally rehearsed a future ‘work – to – rest ratio.” The key now is to time it and test it. See how far you get.



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