Work it to the finish line

At the time of writing this the last 10 weeks of the year are lining up nicely. In between rest periods, mini breaks + longer time outs there’s a thread running along.



Focus + speed towards finishing the year strong.

One of the goals set this year was to publish 1000 blogs.

I’m close but there is still work to be done and while no ones watching honing the craft remains front, line and in play.

Bottom line, I ain’t done yet and neither are you.

Check this…

“Regardless of your chosen profession, being the best means taking advantage of every opportunity that each day brings. Success is not achieved by an occasional heroic response, but with focused and sustained action. Excellence can only be achieved today—not yesterday or tomorrow—because they don’t exist in the present moment. It’s the not-so-hidden secret to extraordinary success: clarify what you really want, then work as hard as you can for as long as it takes.” -Ben Bergeron

What could you do to maintain focus?

What could you do to maintain sustained action?

What could you do to ‘work as hard as you can for as long as it takes’?

With Arete,


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