The term ‘work’ can have a lot of connotations and meaning.

Often it can mean labour and some form of employment.

It can be career/chore related and more.

Let’s pause though.

It can also very importantly mean working on your potential and possibilities deliberately.

Ever heard of the term ‘workability’?


Well you have now!

Check this out…

“At this point, I’d like to introduce one of the most important words in this book: workability. Please etch this word deep into your brain, as it underpins everything we do from this point on. The term workability arises from this simple question: ‘Is what you are doing working to help you create a richer, fuller, more meaningful life?’ If the answer is yes, then what you are doing is workable. If the answer is no, then what you are doing is unworkable.” Harris

In practice here is a way to practice this tool…

“… ask yourself this question: ‘If I allow this thought to guide my actions, will it help me create the life I want?’ If the answer is no, then you can recognize that the thought is unhelpful and that acting on it would be unworkable. It only takes a few seconds to do this: to pause, check in, notice what your mind is saying, and ask yourself the foregoing question. Recognizing a thought or belief is unhelpful often helps to reduce its influence over us; it makes us less likely to act on it. However, note that with this approach, we’re not getting into debates about whether the thought is true or false; the question we’re interested in is simply this: ‘If I let this thought dictate my actions, will it help me lead the life I want?’” (Harris).

What you thinking right now?

Is it helpful to your next actions?



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