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Woop - Time Management & overestimating how much time I have

Honing your time management skills takes time and practice, and sometimes trial and error. Don't give up. You must persist (always).

To help you here is an example of a WOOP to overcome the challenge of overestimating how much time you think you have to complete something.

Wish: I wish to be more productive and accomplish more tasks in a day.

Outcome: I will be able to complete my assignments and other tasks more efficiently and effectively, which will help me to achieve my academic and personal goals and feel more accomplished.

Obstacle: One obstacle that I face when it comes to time management is overestimating how much time I have available to complete tasks and ending up procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed.

Plan: To overcome this obstacle, I can try using a planner or to-do list to better estimate and manage my time.

I can also try breaking larger tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks and setting deadlines for myself to help stay on track.

Additionally, I will try setting specific goals for each study session and rewarding myself with a break or other small reward once I have completed them.

Finally, I can try to be more realistic and honest with myself about how much time I have available and how long tasks are likely to take, and adjust my schedule accordingly.


Q. What's your current time management challenge (if any at all) and what is your plan to overcome it?

You can overcome it.

With Arete,


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