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Woop - Time, Focus & Motivation

Wish: I want to successfully complete all of my coursework and exams on time.

Outcome: I'll be a step closer to graduation.

Obstacle: I have difficulty staying focused and motivated while studying. I also struggle to find the time to study due to other commitments, such as part-time work and extracurricular activities.


  1. I will set specific goals for each study session, such as completing a certain number of pages or a specific task. This will help me stay focused and motivated.

  2. I will create a schedule that includes dedicated blocks of time for studying, as well as breaks for rest and relaxation. I will make sure to allocate enough time for each subject.

  3. I will find a quiet, distraction-free place to study, such as a library or a quiet room in my residence.

  4. I will use study techniques that work best for me, such as taking notes, creating flashcards, or working with a study group.

  5. I will seek support from professors, tutors, or study groups when needed. I will also talk to friends or family members about the challenges I am facing and ask for their support.

  6. I will try to minimize distractions as much as possible. This may involve turning off notifications on electronic devices, setting boundaries with friends and family, and avoiding social media and other non-essential activities while studying.

  7. I will take breaks and make time for self-care. It's important to take care of physical and mental health in order to stay motivated and focused.

What is your Woop for today?

With Arete,


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