Wisdom from those around you

I can still remember with great fondness picking up one of the first positive psychology books ‘Happier’ by Tal Ben – Shahar.

What I loved about this book was the emphasis on reflective practices a ton of which feature in that book.

A favourite one is this…

“You are one hundred and ten years old. A time machine has just been invented, and you are selected as one of the first people to use it. The inventor, a scientist from NASA, tells you that you will be transported back to the day when, as it happens, you first read Happier. You, with the wisdom of having lived and experienced life, have fifteen minutes to spend with your younger and less experienced self. What do you say when you meet? What advice do you give yourself.”

I love this exercise and part of that is because I believe that there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from those ‘elder’s whom have walked a path filled with wisdom.

I can speak to that first hand from having spent significant time with an ‘elder’ who was 100 years old. The wisdom and love and sincerity that was conveyed from him was tremendous.

My Grandmother is still alive and is 104 years of age at the time of writing this.

There is tremendous wisdom to be gained from others.

Tremendous wisdom which can feed into your own emerging wisdom.



p.s. who could you connect with that represents wisdom for you?

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