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Wisdom + application

Ever binged on tv series or ‘treat’s or both?

Grand n all and nice little immediate ways to savour and unplug.

Check out Robertson’s weigh in on this and more…

“The ideal state of the human mind is not irrational indulgence in mere sensory pleasure

(hedonism), therefore, but something known as eudaimonia, a Greek term that encompasses

rational fulfilment, happiness, and well-being. If ‘daemon’ were taken simply to mean mind,

the word eudaimonia could be literally translated as meaning ‘mental health’.

Okay cool, so the pitch is mental health that moves beyond the immediate. Now what?

“Knowing this leads us to value and pursue the cultivation of human wisdom above all else, which is illustrated in the very word ‘philosophy,’ the love of wisdom…”

And yet how + why?

“....the pursuit of wisdom does not equate to saying that the ‘meaning of life’ is that one should spend it reading books on philosophy, but, rather, that one should strive for practical wisdom in facing everyday challenges.”

There’s the pitch from Robertson.

What do you think?

What’s your version of well – being?



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