Wins + Growth

As you continue to rock it, get in those wins and grow it’s gonna be an amazing journey.

One of the tings to look out for on the way is getting all ‘know it all’.

Just cos the way you are rocking it works, don’t mean that the same template applies to someone else.

Own you wins, for sure, but also take em with a pinch a salt.

Check this out…

“When passion for a noble purpose turns into self-righteousness, we lose our capacity to learn from our mistakes or even to notice when we are making mistakes. We must always be on guard to make sure that the justifiable satisfaction that we earn with a life of purpose does not become pridefulness…Pride harms us, harms those we are trying to help, and ultimately harms the purpose that we are trying to accomplish. The only way to avoid this constant danger is to keep a healthy perspective on ourselves. … In the glory days of the Roman Empire, the emperor was assigned an ‘advisor’ to sit alongside him in his chariot when he rode along to the lusty cheers of his revering throngs. The advisor would whisper ‘sic transit gloria’ in the emperor’s ear—‘All glory is fleeting.’ Often I have wished that someone would supply this special service to each of us daily.” (Damon)

You’ll get the wins for sure. There’ll come and there’ll go and there will be opportunity for more.

Yet in that, it’s not just the wins that are nb but who you become in the process.

What type of character are you seeking to build on the way + why?



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