Who you gonna call?!

This one is gonna sound strange.

“Is there someone in your life whom you would feel comfortable phoning at four in the morning to tell your troubles to? If your answer is yes, you will likely live longer than someone whose answer is no.”

~ Martin Seligman

This quote was akin to elements of a recent opening talk that Seligman gave at a World Congress on Positive Psychology in Australia.

I listened attentively sitting as close to the stage as possible.


Cos this is a dude that has been studying what contributes towards helplessness and flourishing for decades.

Here is more of his points….

Build networks and connections cos they are essential to your potential.

Strengthen meaningful connections with people in ways that are reciprocal.

Seligman refers to these as ‘life enhancing connections.’

Question – which connections enhance your life?



p.s. you don’t need to wait until 4 am in the morning to necessary call em, yet it’s great to know that you could.

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