Who do you want to become?

That's a heavyweight title right?

Let's not let up on the difficult questions.

What habits do you need, to become the person you seek to be?

Habit definition

Habit =  a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up

Check this from James clear 

"Building better habits isn’t about littering your day with life hacks. It’s not about flossing one tooth each night or taking a cold shower each morning or wearing the same out fit each day. It’s not about achieving external measures of success like earning more money, losing weight, or reducing stress. Habits can help you achieve all of these things, but fundamentally they are not about having something. They are about becoming someone. Ultimately, your habits matter because they help you become the type of person you wish to be. They are the channel through which you develop your deepest beliefs about yourself. Quite literally, you become your habits.”

Even if for now only an initial reflection. What is a valuable habit you want, or seek to have?


with ARETE,


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