Who do you need to be?

When you face a challenge or seemingly impossible situation how do you respond?

Check out this interesting perspective from Chandler…

“It gives me greater understanding of why my friend and life coach Steve Hardison used to

ask me two questions, over and over in the course of our work together. When I described a problematic situation in my life, he would listen carefully and then say, ‘Okay, given that that’s the situation, what would you like to create?’

Notice that it was not ‘How do you want to solve it?’ As if the problem itself had all the power. As if the problem were a bomb we had to carefully disarm. He never saw the problem as having the power in the situation. He always saw creativity as having all the power. And together we didn’t really have to ‘solve’ anything. We didn’t need to. What we created made the problems fade from all relevance.

And the second question he’d always ask me would appear whenever it didn’t look like I could do some scary thing I needed to do. Instead of telling me what I needed to do, he would always ask me, ‘Who do you need to be?’ Because he always knew, and I learned through practice, that I could create that being. I could create who I needed to be. (It’s all we ever do anyway.)”

What would you like to create?

Who do you need to be?



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