Whether you got a day job, a full time student, part time, got a business, big or small or any other myriad of roles and contexts…check this out from MCCHESNEY, COVEY, AND HULING.

“The real enemy of execution is your day job! We call it the whirlwind. It’s the massive amount of energy that’s necessary just to keep your operation going on a day-to-day basis; and, ironically, it’s also the thing that makes it so hard to execute anything new. The whirlwind robs from you the focus required to move your team forward.

Leaders seldom differentiate between the whirlwind and strategic goals because both are

necessary to the survival of the organization. However, they are clearly different, and more

important, they compete relentlessly for time, resources, energy, and attention. We don’t have to tell you which will usually win this fight. The whirlwind is urgent and it acts on you and everyone working for you every minute of every day. The goals you’ve set for moving forward are important, but when urgency and importance clash, urgency will win every time. Once you become aware of this struggle, you will see it playing out everywhere, in any team that is trying to execute something new.”

So what’s the whirlwind you got going on?


How can you step between that to work towards your strategic goals regularly?



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