Where you at?

Priorities + organization + discipline = next levels.

Where you at on each of these?

“If you were to fault yourself in one of three areas, which would it be: (1) the inability to prioritize; (2) the inability or desire to organize around those priorities; or (3) the lack of discipline to execute around them? … Most people say their main fault is a lack of discipline. On deeper thought, I believe that is not the case. The basic problem is that their priorities have not become deeply planted in their hearts and minds. They haven’t really internalized Habit 2 [Begin with the end in mind].” (Covey)

What do you really value?


What do you really want to achieve?

Can you orientate your energy around priorities + organizing + disciplines that take you


Of course you can.

Fuse these (priorities + organization + disciplines) and it’s game on.

With Arete,


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