When you fall

You got anything going on right now or want to start that you know will require more than a day to rock?

Anything you scared to go after and define, discover or develop?

Whether a future possibility or one that you are in the midst of nurturing right now perhaps there are some obstacles seemingly following you.

Check this out from Dr. Rotella…

“People who go for greatness are going to get knocked down a lot. They’ll have difficult times. They’ll struggle with doubt and uncertainty. People around them will question the wisdom of their quest. The issue is not whether you’ll fail, because you will. It’s whether you’ll get back up and keep going. It’s whether you can sustain your self-confidence and your belief in yourself and keep bouncing back. Failure is only final when you stop striving.”

Your ‘greatness’ aka your potential need not be compared with others. Just your own version of it.

You falling right now?

Fair enough. Take a moment or two or three (or take the time you need)

And then get back up.

What happens if you fall again?

It’s okay.

Get back up.

Put your arm up so others can help you back to your feet.

Who told you to go it alone anyway? (especially when you need to get back up)

Greatness = Falling down + getting back up multiplied by asking for help along the way.



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