When to start...

It’s great to cast a wide net of possibility to the future.

As you do that ever considered how you rock it today in your potential + adding those up over time will have massive differences?

Check this out from Carnegie

“Shut the iron doors on the past and the future. Live in Day-tight compartments.”

And ask yourself these questions:

1. “Do I tend to put off living in the present in order to worry about the future, or to yearn for some ‘magical rose garden over the horizon’?

2. Do I sometimes embitter the present by regretting things that happened in the past—that are over and done with?

3. Do I get up in the morning determined to ‘Seize the day’—to get the utmost out of these twenty-four hours?

4. Can I get more out of life by ‘living in day-tight compartments’?

5. When shall I start to do this? Next week? … Tomorrow? … Today?”



If you were to tackle one of these questions, which one, if answered and acted upon well could have the greatest impact on your future?



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