When to plug in

One year I headed to Ireland to spend some quality time with folks for a close to two months.

Was a fabulous time to unplug and connect.

Only trouble was I did not quite get the unplugging thing always doan to a tee on those snowy winter nights.

Mostly but not always.

One evening I caught on to a series. One episode lead to the next. Midnight past and I was trying to get to sleep.

Trouble was I couldn’t.


Looking back part of the reason could be attributed to still being plugged in.

Shawn Stevenson has a take on this…

“This is likely the number one thing you can do to improve your sleep quality immediately. The artificial blue light emitted by electronic screens triggers your body to produce more daytime hormones (like cortisol) and disorient your body’s natural preparation for sleep.

Computers, iPads, televisions, smartphones, etc. are kicking out a sleep-sucking blue spectrum of light that can give you major sleep problems.”

Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate a movie and series as much as the next person.

Yet I can also appreciate that if I don’t put some distance between a ‘screen’ and shutdown then I aint’ gonna switch off proper.

This one is probably one of the more trickier one’s for us to consider cos of our immersion with tech.

When it comes to tech free I‘m not a purist on this matter or any thing like that but recognize a good tip when I see one.

Give it a whirl. See how it goes.



p.s. Plug in to the right things. The things that maximize your potential at the right time for you.

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