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When it’s quiet go the distance

It’s that time of the year where peeps are winding down and wrapping up. The way I view that is extremely advantageous to take a hold of the quiet and uninterrupted time and space to take what needs to be taken to the extra mile finish line.

I’ll still have a whole afternoon ahead to chill, connect with loved ones and rejuvenate yet until then it’s game on.

Check this out…

“Warrior/Champions set out to turn their dreams into reality by taking action through goal setting... Mental athletes are goal-oriented. They have vision. When an athlete complains of lacking motivation, you can be sure that it’s almost always caused by goals that fail to inspire him to action. Goals serve to keep you on target. They increase the desire to achieve...

While setting your own, private goals, be sure that they are both challenging and realistic. Slightly out-of-reach goals are best: inspiring hard work, yet still attainable with dedicated effort. Goals need to be set neither too high, nor too easy or low—which would defeat their very purpose. Goals should be written down and reviewed frequently. Goals should come in the form of daily goals, monthly goals and annual goals, and remember that what you are striving for is progress rather than perfection. Believe me, as you begin to focus on meaningful, specific goals, the power of your hidden reserves will be unleashed and good things will begin to happen.”




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