Redefining the word 'Student'

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

What I’m about to share with you is, in essence, a message I truly try to stand by, believe in, ‘try, test and fail' at (all of the time), and try again (repeatedly) to practice and convey, and get better at … that, being the premise of what it really means to be a student.

I’m going to put aside, for now, some of the material that’s covered on this and get straight to the point:

You’ll have seen a clue on the home page of becoming a, under the section 'about [this awesome website]'. Let that be the starting point for this message.

What do you think it really means to be a student? What do you think that means?

For sure: open Wikipedia, open any wiki dictionary and you will literally find a definition of a student as someone ‘following a particular course of study’. But, I wanna ask you something.

Do you really think that definition (a student as someone who follows a particular course of study) represents all of what it means to be a student? Think about that for a moment…

When you’ve reached a particular milestone, say, in school, rocked it in an exam, learnt a new skill, crushed it on the sports field, got into a university, or accomplished anything as a student … (and by the way we all have, every single one of us has), in that moment, when you’ve actually accomplished something in your capacity as a student, if someone said to you being a student simply means ‘following a particular course of study’, would that definition be enough to describe what it really means to you to be a student?

(Insert dramatic pause here)

The answer to that question … of course not!

A student is not merely an individual who follows a particular course of study. You ain’t no robot or passive vessel that just takes information in and follows on like an autobot. You don’t simply take commands and then go out and execute them. There’s more to you and there is far more to being a student.

As we move along with these blogs, we are absolutely going to delve into some of the awesome and interesting frameworks and perspectives that surround this. But for now, let me put it like this: A student is not merely someone who ‘follows’. Nope.

A student is an individual who defines, discovers and develops their own potential.

And what do we mean by the word potential?

The word potential literally means ‘possibilities’.

To be a student of potential, means to become a student of possibilities. To define what those are for you, to discover what those are for you and develop what those are for you.

It’s not a linear path where you one day simply sit down, and list it, and then you go out and go and get it immediately. Of course, there is more to it than that. Through this blog, and this awesome website, we are for sure going to explore the many many facets of what it means to be a student of potential, a student of possibilities.

We are gonna draw upon a ton of resources, a ton of authors, and a ton of perspectives; a lot of inputs, and experiences that are going to strengthen the case and point that being a student has far more depth and possibility to it than any of us can ever imagine.

As we progress with this, I’m really really inspired to spark and catalyze any thinking that you might generate in yourself that could lead to an expanded view of what it means to you to go out and expand and realize your own possibilities. I’m really excited and committed to that, for sure.

That’s enough said, for now. I really wanna bang on and on, yet it’s a fine balance between twittering this message and going into a supreme monologue, so let’s pause here on this final and repetitive point:

Being a student means abandoning the old definition of someone whom only follows a particular course of study. Becoming a student of potential means repeatedly defining, discovering and developing your own potential, your own possibilities. It’s a lifelong process, and it's one that never needs to stop, and that’s a great thing as you continue to get to new levels.

So that’s over and out from me for now.

In closing, this, here is the homework part: even if you just have one thought or response around this question -

What does it mean to you to become a student of potential? Write down or think about even one response to that question and you've already got an A!

More to come.




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