What ya saying yes to?

At the time of writing this, I’ve got my 3 year old son perched next to me. He’s got a notebook open and rocking some green scribbles on a double page.

I’m here next to him hitting some deep work.

Check this out from Vaden…

“You are either consciously saying no to the things that don’t matter, or you are unconsciously saying no to the things that do. So figure out which activities you want to do and which ones create more time, results or satisfaction tomorrow and say yes to those and no to the others.

Anytime you say yes to one thing, you are simultaneously saying no to something else. Realize that when you say yes to . . .

• Watching TV . . .

• Giving in to your call reluctance . . .

• Succumbing to procrastination . . . • Your fear . . .

• Wasting time . . .

You just said no to . . .

• More time with your kids

• More time with your spouse

• Reaching your financial goals

• Achieving your dreams

You just said no to multiplying your time.”

What ya saying yes to next?



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