What’s in front of you?

Recently, I ran a whole day student of potential workshop with university students and leaders. The slant on the day was memory, concentration and studying.

The group in attendance were lining up to write end year exams.

I asked them to imagine they were about to sit down to do a study session and describe what would be in front of them.

Using props, each one took turns to physically lay out their desk showing to the group what their work space would look like.

Here’s what was interesting. 90% of the group had their phone out on display.

When asked how many of them needed their phone for studying just 10% said they did (for music purposes).

Then I asked, what is your biggest distraction.

Guess what it was?

The cell phone (which 90% had put in front of them).

Check this…

“The secret of accomplishment is concentration, or the art of turning all your power on one point in time.” Dumpont

Whether a cell phone or another distraction, find it, take it, hide it and get to work.

What’s your biggest distraction?

Where can you temporalrily hide it?

What do you need to do to put all your power on one point in time?

With Arete,


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