What’s important to you now?

At the time of writing this I’ve just had an interesting reflective conversation with a student.

It was just after they had written a test and a quick touch base to see how it was.

One of the things they shared was on the morning prior to writing a lot of distractions had come up.

Because they were aware of it and how it made them feel + knew they needed time to deal they paused, compartmentalized and just focused on the final preparations for the test.

Afterwards and over the weekend they would be able to then pick up on the issue that loomed prior.

Check this out from Olympic gold medalist (multiples), Michael Phelps…

“One thing that separates Michael from other swimmers, Bob likes to say, is that if they don’t feel good they don’t swim good.

That’s not the way it is for Michael.

Michael, he says, performs no matter what he’s feeling. He has practiced it for a long time. He knows exactly what he wants to get done, and he’s able to compartmentalize what’s important.

Bob, with his seemingly endless collection of sayings, naturally has an acronym to describe the mental aspect to my racing. It’s ‘W.I.N.’: What’s Important Now?’

It’s true. When it comes down to it, when the time comes to focus and be mentally prepared, I can do whatever it takes to get there, in any situation.” Phelps

Just as this student did.

She acknowledged and did not suppress the other distractions + a time to reconnect with the issues, yet remained focused by saying ‘What’s important now’?

You may have a number of things going on, all of which may be important to connect with, reflect on and perhaps even bring in the support of others too.

You got something though right now in your vicinity that’s important?

What’s important now?

Can you siphon off a block of time now or soon to work it?



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