"What number am I?"

Metrics can be a great way to analyse and as Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying ‘what gets measured gets managed.'

But they need not always be used to define us.

Case in point.

For a couple of years now I typically arrive at the gym at 4.30 am when it opens.

You’ll see your regular faces who are part of the 4.30 am club here. Not too crowded at this time of the morning understandably, but then again its never crowded on the extra mile.

Anyhow, this morning I arrived at the gym at 5 am and as signing in heard the person in front of me say to the staff member “what number am I?”

“Number six…you are the 6th person to sign in today!”

“Not number one?”

“No” she said.

“To do that you’ll have to show up at 4.30 am when we open”.

They laughed as he signed in which was great.

It was really small talk and bantering more than anything else and the point is this.

There is no set time to show up.

Truth be told just showing up whether at 4.30 am or 5 am or any other time (that works for you) makes you your own number one and I’m not talking about the gym either.

When I arrive at 4.30 am I don’t go to the weights section or workout immediately. Nope.

I sit down for a solid hour to study.

Then hit it.

Again, this is a part of my current unique schedule based on my own context - a big part of which wonderfully includes 3 little children whom once awake need all the attention and care of their parents.

So I choose to wake up before they do so I can define, discover and develop so as to help them and others do their own work of ‘defining, discovering and developing.’

I’m never wondering or asking what number am I today, 6th in the gym or 1st in the gym because as long as I show up and honour my commitments than it’s always going to be the same answer, ‘number one’ or as Covey says…‘first things first’.

You don’t need kids or a 4.30 am schedule or gym membership or anything like that to show up and be your own number one.

You’ll have your own way of doing things which are unique to you.

The point here though is to honour what your capable of, show up and put the development and discovery of your potential as number 1.



p.s. you don’t need numbers to tell you how brilliant you are already.

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