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Waves of Mastery

It’s a beautiful afternoon as I write this. A bit of a deliberate, intentional and extra mile push for a short period of time, followed by some further R n R (rest and relaxation).

Before this?

Was sitting at a beautiful beach coffee shop with the family overlooking the ocean having brunch.

After this?

A little nap.

Right now?

Some deep work + deliberate and intentional practice.

Check this out…

“The heart of achieving mastery, I’ve come to believe, is expanding the amplitude of the waves you make in your life. When you’re working, give it everything you’ve got, for relatively short periods of time. When you’re recovering, let go and truly refuel.

Average is a steady state, free of highs and lows. Unfortunately, average isn’t very satisfying. Mastery is about regularly pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, while also learning how to deeply restore and take care of yourself. Make rhythmic waves and you’ll not only get better at what you practice, you’ll also feel more in control of your life.” (Belsky)

Regardless of location + activities you can mix it up between waves of rest and waves of productivity.

May need some tweaking and testing here and there, but that’s all part of the fun and learning.

Mastery is your journey and your journey to be had in your own unique way.

‘Wave’ at it.



P.s. what would ‘waves’ of on + off look like for you today?

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