'W.O.O.P your potential!

Imagine being one week closer to achieving your educational milestones. You are that one step closer to attaining your qualifications, completing your courses and getting in those final tests, assignments, project and thesis drafts. On your journey you may be facing some obstacles that could do with some ‘solutions’. I want to encourage two things here:

1. Consult, consult, consult! Connect with anyone you can on why you are pursuing what you are pursuing. Even just an ear from a friend, mentor, tutor, leader, class mate or teacher can do wonders.

2. Remember your ‘dream’ (academic goal). When you achieve your educational goal how will you feel? Why have you chosen to pursue and complete this goal? What will it offer you and others?

“A dream is a goal with a deadline…”Arguably a dream by itself is not enough. You've got to 'woop' it! Yes W.o.o.p it! So, what exactly is woop?

The Woop Process

Woop is an acronym that stands for a different way of setting goals that involves - Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan (developed by Professor Oettingen).

Adapted here for our purposes It involves the following:

- Identify an academic goal that is meaningful, stretching and yet attainable

- Explore the best possible outcome that could arise from attaining your academic goal

- Reflect on anticipated obstacles to your academic goal

- Plan ways to overcome the obstacle(s) with solution focused action

Try the below out and fill in the blanks. It will only take a minute.


An important academic wish that I want to complete in the next ________days



The best possible result that could come from attaining this academic wish

is________________________________________________________; and as a result of attaining this academic wish I will feel



The main obstacle I can anticipate that may prevent me from attaining this academic wish



If I experience this obstacle__________________________________________then I will respond by_____________________________________

A free tool kit for any time frame

You could apply this to a semester goal, monthly goal, weekly goal, daily goal and even study session. I love doing this and building it into a conversation. It generates a lot of focus.

Wishing you all ever-increasing productive days of deep work and study and hope you woop your week ahead!

With Arete,


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