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I’d heard of the word vocation many times growing up.

The time it really landed was during the first lecture opening a critical psychology course.

The Professor took a piece of chalk and write the word ‘VOCATION’ on the chalkboard.

Then said one word….


The original translation of the word vocation is not job or work…but literally ‘calling’.

Here is how Brooks comes in on this…

“Your ability to discern your vocation depends on the condition of your eyes and ears, whether they are sensitive enough to understand the assignment your context is giving you.”

The path to this is in my view is very different for everyone.

Whether you’ve got clarity or still exploring, take the time and patience your potential deserves to define, discover and develop this for yourself. It's an iterative process.

Vocation - whether as a job, work, or calling is not just gonna land on your lap.

You gotta put the thinking and reflection time in (repeatedly) + test and get feedback.

What’s the ‘assignment’ in front of you now towards which you could bring more understanding?

What is it telling you about your potential right now?



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