Visualize Your Success

Richard Newmen in his book ‘You were born to speak’ gives a step by step technique that you can use for an up and coming presentation or even another performance related scenario…

Check this adapted version here…

1. Take some deep breaths

2. Remember a time when you were in the zone (a peak state)

3. Call out three values or principles that mean a lot to you

4. Think about a future scenario that triggers unease or anxiety

5. Go into detail. See what unsettles you

6. Imagine the whole day from start to finish + you rocking it in a heightened state

7. Feel what it would fee like to be rocking your day

8. As you do that go into the specific scenario where you seek to feel good

9. See yourself in that scenario owning it and marveling at how well it goes

10. See yourself after the event looking at the current you now smiling

11. Your future you tells the you now all went well

12. Write down the action steps you need to complete to make that picture happen



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